Yhingthai Palace – Purvis Street

I was meeting a friend for lunch and it was suggested that we meet for Thai food on Purvis Street.  Purvis Street has a lot of restaurants springing up, but Yhingthai Palace has been there for a long time.  So we decided to have our lunch there for some Thai food.


You do have to love the old shophouse feel on the outside of the place.  But also be warned that these places tend to be a bit more costly…


Let’s get on to the food!

Stuffed Chicken Wings.  They weren’t originally on what we wanted to order, but we saw a neighbor eating and it was a spontaneous buy.

Nice a juicy, stuffed beautifully with great flavor.  I am glad we ordered it in the end!


We wanted some less traditional stuff and here we have steamed prawns in a lime- chili-garlic sauce.  Wow, the prawns were fresh, the sauce bit, stung and just left a great impression on your mouth.  What a winning dish.


Tom Yum for more traditional stuff.  I always like to tell the staff when I go to a restaurant that I want my Tom Yum like Thai people take it, not for farang.  And it usually winds up being great.  This is no exception.  All the flavors are there and it was just light and wonderful and full of the spices.


We added the lovely Mango Salad.  This one came with some pieces of fried chicken though.  I hadn’t seen that before.


Not as spicy as usual because my dining partner doesn’t take spice too much.  But this one was still full of nice flavor.


The chicken was nice, but not sure it belonged here…


And then traditional.  Green Curry Chicken.  This one a little more separated than normal smooth looking curry.  A little more oily than what I usually like.  But the taste, spot on.


And finally, Mango with Sticky Rice.  Mango fresh, sticky rice sticky and the milk sweet.  Perfect ending!

IMG_3379This is definitely good Thai food, that’s for sure.  But the price makes me not really want to come back.  This was over $100.  I think I would rather walk down the street to Golden Mile and pay a third of this for the same things.

But, a great eating experience, no doubt.



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