Gelato Paradiso – Old Airport Road

I always thought that a Gelato stall in a hawker centre would be a decent idea.  But then I got thinking about the patrons of hawker centres.  So my conclusion was that it had to be one that had a lot of walks of life coming to it and near a school.

So when Gelato Pardiso opened at Old Airport Road, I thought it might succeed.  But then again, I can see where it will fail.  Only time will tell.

It has good exposure, as it’s in the front row facing Old Airport Road and people can see it.

096 Gelato Paradise 1They ran some specials when they opened up, and I was lucky enough to sample the buy two scoops get 1 free before it expired.

We went for Tiramisu, D24 Durian and Wildberry.

IMG_3334Light and refreshing, not bad at all.  And the prices are comparable if not lower than the food courts and malls that they are usually in.

I hope they succeed, it’s a nice addition to Old Airport Road.



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