New Ubin Seafood – Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Upper Thomson

Tucked away in an industrial area, where there are more auto body shops than anything else, is an amazing little restaurant called New Ubin Seafood.  You would never know it, but this place offers some of the most amazing food on the island and at an affordable price.

It’s very unassuming.  Next to an hdb estate and auto repair shops.  If you weren’t going here expressly to eat here, you would never stumble upon it.


We’ll get to that Buy 2 get 3rd free later on the crabs.

There is outside and inside seating, the outside seating isn’t too bad at all.


The menu is pretty big and you have to navigate it for awhile.  Plus they have lots of different specials that involve seafood.  For example, buy 2 bamboo clams get 1 free.  Those kind of deals.

We managed to get through it and away we went!

First up was Ha Chong Gai.  The chicken wing was freshly fried, nicely done and just beautifully juicy inside without being too oily.


Next up was prawns.  Here are smaller ones with rice wine and soya sauce.  So fresh, so great and so crisp and succulent.


Here is a similar cooking style, but pure dry style rice wine cooking with larger prawns.  Still nice!


You have to order vegetables, and this is their signature vegetable dish.  It’s HK Kai Lan with seawood, fried other things on top.  I could have done without the toppings and gone straight for the veggies themselves.


Like this one.  Just pure baby Kai Lan with garlic and stir fried.


They are quite well known for their Hokkien Mee.  It contains plenty of seafood, eggs and is very wet.  Great wok hei and flavor, but for a dry Hokkien Mee lover like myself, it is only just ok for me.


Seafood Rice Vermicelli.  Great wok hei on this.  A little greasy, but the flavor is oh so good!


So they had that bamboo clam special and we went for it!

So fresh and prepared so nicely.  No complaints whatsoever, worth the order!


Next up was a nice Grouper Teochew style.  Unfortunately for us, it was undercooked, so we sent it back for more cooking.  They then came back to us and said if you want, we can just credit you and not give it back.  We said ok.  I wonder if someone else got the fish…


Salted Egg Sotong.  The squid was cooked nicely, not over and not under.  The salted egg taste was strong, but real good.  Cholesterol City!


Remember the Buy 2 get 3rd free on the crab?  Well, here we are.  We could not resist, so we went for three different styles, which you can do.  This makes it such a great deal because you can try the different styles.

This one is pure ginger and scallions with a nice sauce.  The crab is fresh, not too big, which is ok as long as the crab is fresh and sweet. This one was definitely that.


The chili crab is also there.  The sauce is pretty good.  Not too spicy and not too sweet.


Salted Egg Crab is dry style, and like the sotong, very nicely done and crab very fresh.


Aside from the crab the star at New Ubin is the beef.  As strange as it may sound, the owner of New Ubin loves beef, so he put this on his menu.  It’s a grilled Rib Eye steak, and the minimum order if 500g.

What is unexpected is that you get a side of Fried Rice with it.  The Fried Rice contains the fat drippings, some pieces of meat and is just fattening beyond all belief.  It is sinfully good and will blow your diet.  They do not sell this a la carte, you can only get it by ordering the Rib Eye.


Then we get the Rib Eye.  Wow, talk about the drool ducts opening up wide.  It tasted even better than it looked, and it looks real good!


You do get mustard and ketchup as sides, why, I don’t know.  The ketchup I can understand because they also serve potato wedges with it.  But ketchup with steak, I will kill you if I see you put it on steak!


The potato wedges were real good too.

IMG_3407Did we eat the whole menu?  Not really.  There is much more to discover at New Ubin.  Definitely go there!  You will be able to find it, it isn’t that difficult, just out of the way and a great unexpected find!



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