Etta’s – Seattle

The Tom Douglas empire in Seattle is pretty impressive, and everyone says you have to go.  Etta’s is one of the main staples, and right by Pike Place Market.  I couldn’t resist after a full day of eating at Pike Place Market.


I started with a nice Dungeness Crab salad.  A little crab, some greens, tossed with a nice fish sauce dressing, it was real refreshing and had a great little bite to it.  Absolutely a great way to start a meal.


After scanning the menu, I had to go with the best recommendation, and that was the famous signature “Rub with Love” Salmon.

Grilled salmon with mushrooms, sauteed brussel sprouts with cornbread.  The sprouts were a little salty, but the rest was excellent.  The salmon was nice and just cooked, a really great piece of fish.  Definitely worthy of the praise it has gathered.

IMG_3281I can’t wait to go back to and try the rest of the menu.  This place is worth another visit.


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