Pike Place Chowder – Seattle

When one hears that you are visiting Pike Place Market, one of the places that everyone says to go is Pike Place Chowder.  People say it’s the best that there is.  So of course, I had to try!


It’s located in Post Alley, and there is usually a very long queue, especially on weekends.  Be prepared to wait for a bit, at least 20 minutes at peak hours.

The menu is pretty simple, a few chowders and some sandwiches.  There are also some combos if you wish to go that way to try a bunch of things.

They have New England Clam Chowder and Manhattan Style Chowder.  But, I am not sure I was ready to try it.  After all, Boston has the best New England Clam Chowder and then Coney Island has great Manhattan Chowder.  So, I thought I would try Chowder that is great for the Pacific Northwest.


Seared Scallop Chowder.  With dill and a nice creamy broth.  One bite of this and I know it’s great chowder.  It’s thick, plenty of scallops and the tastes are just so delicate and fine.  Then you put it in the sourdough bread bowl and it makes it even better.

This is a winner!


Next up we tried the Seafood Bisque.  A little different than chowder, but this one also had a great taste.  Lots of seafood and the tastes marry each other so nicely.  Another winner.


People also rave about their Dungeness Crab Rolls.  They say that it’s just a great complement and you can’t miss it.

My honest opinion is that this is a miss.  I don’t really get the crab taste, it’s too shredded for me, with too much celery and it’s very watery.  I won’t be having this again.

IMG_3633Their other sandwiches might be better, but I think I will just stick with Chowder and Bisque while I am visiting this place.  There are more chowders to go and try!



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