Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – Old Airport Road

Old Airport Road has only one stall that serves dumplings, Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. Homemade, you can see them making it right in the stall.

I love dumplings, so if I can find a good stall that sells them, I will stick with them for a long time.  Let’s see if they have what it takes.


You have to try the Xiao Long Bao, as it’s in the name right? Well, these are a little disappointing.  Not enough soup for me and I don’t think the meat is too flavorful either.


We also tried the Guo Tie.  Now we’re talking.  This one is nicely fried on the bottom, not too greasy and the meat is flavorful.  This is a good dumpling!

IMG_3354They also have Boiled Dumplings and Beijing style dumplings.  It is definitely a decent stall for Guo Tie, but I am not sure on the Xiao Long Bao.


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