Ivar’s Salmon House – Seattle

Ivar’s is an institution in Seattle, it has also spawned many branches.  But the original, at the north end of Lake Union, is still where everyone wants to go.

It’s a spot where you get a great view of the lake and seeing past it to downtown Seattle itself.

There are two sections, the bar and the dining room, and the bar is perfect for Lena and I as we just like to snack and have small meals.

We hit the bar during Happy Hour, which runs from 4pm until closing, and there are specials.  Drinks!


We start off with a salad of Romaine and Blue Cheese with Bacon and Apple.  Quite refreshing and nice for us to start.


Lena chose to start with Oyster Shooters.  $1 each!


We split a nice Fisherman’s Platter.  The seafood was fresh and you can taste it as it fries.  The batter and oil doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste and makes it quite nice.  The fish cooked nicely, the clams cooked nicely and the prawns also cooked nicely.  A real nice plate of fried seafood.

IMG_3575It’s a great place to hang out at night and grab a light bite for a decent price.  We’ll be back!

And we did come back!  With my parents and my aunt and uncle.  We got a few more of their dishes in the restaurant.  It wasn’t bad, but I thought it was overpriced.

Here are the Crab Cakes.  Not bad, good flavor,  but for $18?


Here is the Seafood Sautee.  Not bad, ok.


Here is the Seafood Brochette.  Not bad, good flavor also.


I think I’ll stick with the Happy Hour menu.


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