Kau Kau BBQ Restaurant – Chinatown, Seattle

Roast meats, roast meats, where are you in Seattle?  It seems that they are right here in Chinatown on King Street.  Kau Kau BBQ Restaurant advertises itself as a great place to get your Chinese/Cantonese style roast meats, so of course, I have to try right?

We were walking around Chinatown and decided that this place was a must try for us based upon the outside.  (Pics of the outside coming because I forgot pics of it, and I know I will be back…)

We went for a late lunch, and assuming that the portions were huge, Lena and I ordered one small appetizer and one Roast Meat Rice dish.

We were right, the portions were huge!


This is the Three Meat Deluxe, where you have your choice of their roast meats.  So we went with Char Siew, Roast Pork and Spare Ribs.  Man oh man, was this good!  But the portion was unbelievable big and I sort of wish the uncle cut the pieces a little smaller.

The Char Siew was nice, a little fatty, but not so much.  There was great flavor in the meat as well.  Then the Roast Pork was crispy on the skin and juicy on the meat.  Not too salty at all.  And finally the Spare Ribs were nicely glazed and so seasoned!

We also got Egg Rolls, American style.  But when it came out, it wasn’t really what we expected.  It was battered and deep fried, giving it an overall greasy appearance and taste.  But the inside was not bad at all.

IMG_3586I need to try the other things on the menu, but this is a place I will come back to for Roast Meats, for sure!



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