Border Grill – Mandalay, Las Vegas

So sometimes when you’re in Vegas, you need to go to more than one celebrity chef restaurant.  We finished our exhibition and headed to the Border Grill, right outside the convention center hall.  The Border Grill is a creation of The Two Hot Tamales, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, who have appeared on so many cooking shows in the past.

It was a nice sunny day and we got to overlook the lazy river, where they play when they come to the Mandalay.


Salsa and chips.  Any good Mexican or Southwest themed restaurant has to have good salsa and chips.  And my goodness, does Border Grill have it.


How about a Pomegranate Limeade to go with my meal?


Fernando, my colleague, went with the Fish Tacos.  Looked spectacular let me tell you!


I went with the Briskey Taquitos.  I wanted to try something different as I had the fish tacos the other night at another place.

The Taquitoes were nice and crips and the brisket inside melted.  What a great dish!

IMG_3629Good food, you expect nothing less from celebrity chefs.



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