Emeril’s – MGM Las Vegas

When you’re in Las Vegas you can’t avoid a celebrity chef restaurant, it’s impossible.  So on this trip to Vegas, it was Emeril. I’ve seen him on tv so many times but I have never ever eaten at an Emeril’s.  So we had to go and try the food there.

Located at the MGM with all the other celebrity restaurants, we luckily made a reservation for 8:30pm, but still had to wait for someone to clear the table for us to go in.


Sitting down, the menu was something to peruse over.  For a long, long, long, long time.





I mean, seriously, what to get?  We had five people and we all basically went after the same things.  We needed Emeril’s New Orleans style food plus entrees.  So what did I wind up getting?

Of course we need the Gumbo to start.

So rich, nice and spicy, and flavorful like you wouldn’t imagine.  Some of the best Gumbo I have ever eaten!


For my main I went with something which I didn’t think I would go for when I walked in.  But I couldn’t resist it.  It was a nice trout, on the bone, grilled with some New Orleans spices.  I thought I would go with something else, but this one was just too good to pass up.

The fish was just nicely cooked, soft and firm, and the flavors were great!


For sides, how to pass up Jambalaya?  You can’t.  Filled with so much goodness, you just have to love it.


And then Macaroni and Cheese.  Wow, this was decadent to say the least.  Thick, creamy sauce.  So sinfully good.  It’s a good thing we shared sides!

IMG_3923What an experience. Great food, but of course you have to pay for it.  I can’t complain whatsoever and now I can say I ate at Emeril’s.  Let me make some more money and then we’ll try it again!



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