BCD Korean Restaurant – HMart – Lynnwood, WA

Across from the Alderwood Mall there is an Asian Supermarket that specializes in Korean products.  There are other Asian items in there, but they do mostly cater towards the Korean community in the area.  We discovered that there is a little food court in there that offers Chinese, Viet, Japanese and Korean food.

So of course, we have to try the Korean food there since this market caters towards the Korean community.  There are three stalls in this food court that offer Korean food, so we chose one for our first visit.  This one was BCD Korean Restaurant, or sometimes also called BCD Tofu House.

The reason is they offer a lot of dishes using Tofu in a stew.

We ordered two main dishes and found that we got a free fried fish with a certain amount ordered so we decided to go for it.

Our first choice was a tofu choice, it was Fish Roe with Tofu stew.  We asked for less chili paste, and it was still a little too spicy for us.  But the texture was nice and very authentic Korean taste.


Our next choice was Galbi.  The short rib was beautifully cooked.  So well marinated and tasty.  Not tough at all, very tender was the meat.


Next up we got our free fish.  We thought it would be small piece of fish, but it was an entire Fried Flounder!  Nicely done, crispy, yet juicy and moist inside.  A real nice piece of fish.


The interesting point here is that we got the purple rice!  It’s a multi-grain rice, but we were a little surprised as you would think one would normally get white rice, especially in a food court.


A few side dishes, quite nicely prepared also.


And then our full meal.

IMG_3600This set us back about $28, which I think was a great deal considering that we got a whole fish and galbi.  And we only finished less than half of what was here.  So a good deal, definitely!


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