Malay Satay Hut – Seattle/Redmond

UPDATE: I’ve heard that the International District location is now closed, but Redmond is still open! See below for our Redmond review!

We were craving some Singapore food, and people have said that this might be the closest that we would come in the Seattle area.  So, why not, let’s try the Malay Satay Hut!

Located in the International District, East of Chinatown a few blocks, this place was tucked away nicely in a strip mall.  The staff was kind and nice, and directed us towards a few things.

Now the food was more Malaysian than Singaporean, but that’s okay, we decided to try it.

Our first selection was the Prata.  We were a little surprised to see it on the menu, so we had to try it.  The Prata was pretty nice, fluffy and a little crispy, definitely a hit! Curry needed a little more kick, but quite ok still.


Next up we tried the Assam Laksa.  This one was also quite flavorful, nice taste.  The noodles not authentic Penang Laksa style, but ok for the situation.  Good spice too.


And we needed to try the Char Kway Teow.  Terrible.  Not even close to anything I’ve eaten in Malaysia or Singapore.  It was just a bad representation of the Char Kway Teow.  It had no flavor, not enough ingredients, and the Kway Teow was too wide and stuck together.  I won’t be ordering that again.

IMG_3811There are so many other things to try, I need to give it a shot!  I want to go back, no doubt.  But definitely not for the Char Kway Teow.

We then went to the Redmond location, just a little bit from 405 in the Overlake area.  We were craving it again and gave it a try.  The interior was certainly the same as the old ID location.


We went for the Roti Canai again, and it is still pretty good.  Prata is crispy, the curry not bad at all.

Then we went for the Curry Laksa.  For some reason I was thinking that it was Katong Laksa, but it wasn’t.  It was definitely a curry gravy.  Not as intense as a Sarawak Laksa, but it was there.  It wasn’t half bad, but not what I was really looking for.


We also went for the KL Hokkien Mee.  Quite oily, but the taste is pretty good.

IMG_4644I think there are more things to try, but I am not quite sure.  I keep getting a little disappointed every time I go…



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