Edible Canada – Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

For Lena’s first visit to Canada and Vancouver, she wanted to eat something which was Canadian.  Canadian style dishes made from Canadian ingredients.  Since no visit to Vancouver is complete without going to Granville Market, Edible Canada is the right choice to mark all the boxes.

Edible Canada prides itself on local sourced ingredients and the highest quality foods.  It offers a menu of Canadian and global specialties.


The menu for brunch is nice, not so large and full of variety.


The open kitchen concept.


If you’re looking for decadence, then this is it.  Duck Poutine.  Duck meat, Poutine and topped with two eggs and a beautiful duck fat gravy.

Upscale Poutine, but oh so delicious!


And how about a Montreal Smoke Meat Sandwich?  I’ve had them in Montreal before, but this was pretty tasty.  The meat tender, the taste so nice.


Interesting is that they have their own handmade salts.

IMG_4283A great eating experience and a good introduction to Canadian foods for Lena.  I would definitely go back here.

And I did go back!

Here is Round 2:

I find how they serve tea is interesting, especially how they give you no string, but put it on a stirrer instead.


Here is Root Vegetable Hash.  With 2 poached eggs.  Real nice!


Beef Shortrib Sandwich.  So sinful!


And I think their most popular item, the Fish and Chips.

IMG_5953Second round was awesome!


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