Wonton Noodle House – Edmonds, WA

You can say what you will about me, just let it be known that as a Chinese-American and with a Cantonese heritage, that my comfort foods will always be Cantonese food.  And in specifics, Congee and Wonton Noodle Soup.

So when I found a place that served both and it tastes great, I just melted.  It is so nice to know that I don’t have to go far for my comfort foods.

Wonton Noodle House is located in the strip mall that is one block away from Ranch 99 supermarket, where there are plenty of Asia restaurants.  You walk in and it’s not much.  But they are open until 1am, and the food, oh yes!

Here is the namesake, a Wonton Noodle Soup.  This one with some Beef Brisket.  Noodles, just right.  Wontons, big and has pork and shrimp.  Beef, tender and juicy.  Broth, not too salty and not too bland.  Yes, yes, yes!


And how about the Congee?  Oh yes.  Hong Kong style congee is for me.  Don’t give me the watered down version from China, or the plain porridge from Taiwan.  This is porridge.  Thick, creamy, flavorful.  And they have my favorite.  Everywhere calls it a little differently, Sampan Congee, Old Style HK Congee, who knows?  If you want to order it, try it in Cantonese.  Teng Jai Jook (艇仔粥).

IMG_4452I know where I am going when I need comfort food.  Right here.


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