Der Pschorr – Munich

It’s one of my “go-to” places in Munich.  Consistent, good food, and a nice atmosphere.  It’s less crowded than Hofbrauhaus or Augustiner in downtown Munich, so I like to head here for a light meal.  Der Pschorr, here we come.

It was early evening and we were a little jetlagged, so we went for the early meal. Relatively empty, it was nice and relaxed.


I go for Schnitzel, which is always a must-eat in Munich.


It was a little drier than I remember.  Not as juicy, but certainly not oily at all.  I don’t know, not their best effort.


Lena decided to try the Venison Stew.  Too salty, and meat a little overdone.  Definitely not a contender.

The sides were hit and miss.  The potatoes were oily and not so nice.


But the spaetzle wasn’t bad.IMG_4695I will still go back, but this effort was not great. Maybe it was the time of day, who knows?


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