Tegernseer Tal Bräuhaus – Munich

When I first started going to Munich for the Productronica/Electronica exhibitions 12 years ago, I used to stay right on Tal, next to the Marienplatz, at the Hotel Schlicker.  Back then, there was a few choices to eat right below the hotel.  Last year, they opened a new place, with a more modern feel to the traditional brauhaus offering in Munich.  This is Tegernseer Tal Bräuhaus.

The menu is a traditional brauhaus type menu, but there are some “updates”.  Let’s see what their take on these items looks like.

IMG_4709 IMG_4710

The menu looks interesting, how is the food and atmosphere?  The atmosphere is quite nice, less dark and dingy than a regular German beer hall.  Perhaps it’s because it’s less than two years old?  But otherwise, it’s quite comfortable.

As for the food, the first item is the “Brewery Roast Pan”, duck and pork in a pan with dumplings.

The pork crackling is nice, not too tough and the meat was quite nice.  The duck was nice and tender as well. A little less salty than normal German food, so that gets my thumbs up!


Then their take on Gröstl.  It has shredded pork and duck meat with pieces of dumpling and vegetables throughout.  And on top, the poached egg.

Everything together made it a real nice dish, tender, tasty and a nice one plate meal.  The addition of the egg is awesome.

IMG_4707Even though the food is pretty much the same, it seems less salty, and the atmosphere is a little brighter and lively to me.  I would definitely give this one a try.


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