Tokami – Munich

When you’re in Germany for a week, you need to get away from German food a few times.  Honestly, there is not a lot of variety in German food, so you need to get fish and vegetables and rice into your system.  Thus, our reasoning for wanting to find some nice Japanese food.  Tokami is recommended as being one of the best in Munich for sushi and other Japanese items.

Located in the area to the east of the English Garden in the artsy district, it has a nice atmosphere, but what about the food?

Gindara, teriyaki cod, was nice a tender and cooked to perfection.


The tempura was a little soft and oily, but still pretty nice.


Softshell Crab was nicely done though.  Interesting how the frying differs on dishes.


Then some sushi!  Fresh, and quite nice.  It’s a little surprising to find such freshness in Munich.  They said that they fly in the fish to make it authentic.


Uni and Hamachi!  Uni was very fresh and real nice.

IMG_4727Definitely a great spot for Sushi and Japanese food in Munich.  The price is a little steep though, but you’ll have to pay that price if that’s what you want in Munich.  A great, but expensive, break from heavy and salty German food.


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