Txapela Euskal Taberna – Barcelona

In Spain, they eat dinner late, and I mean real late!  So dinner doesn’t start until 8 or 9pm, so what’s a hungry guy like me to do?  Tapas!

We just toured Casa Batlló, and our dinner reservation was not for another 2 hours, so we needed a little bite in order to get through to dinner.  We saw Txapela Euskal Taberna across the street and decided to go in and have some Tapas, as that’s what you do in Spain!

The selections are endless at the bar, you just stare until you have no idea what you want to eat anymore.  You just have to go with it and go with your first instinct.


My first instinct was for Octopus.  Cooked and marinated with Olive Oil and toppings, so fresh and so great.


Lena’s first instinct?  Foie Gras.  In this case, Foie Gras with Apple Sauce.  A surprisingly great combination.


Then there is interesting to try.  In this case, Eel with Salmon Roe and Cream Cheese.  Interesting is definitely the word.  Not really my cup of tea, but had to try.


Cod Ball.  Not bad at all!  Something we also had to try.

IMG_4738We could have went for more, but we knew dinner was coming and we wanted to save ourselves.  Besides, there are Tapas all over Spain!


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