Restaurante Botin – Madrid

The oldest restaurant in the world.  That’s what Botin is, and because of that, it’s extremely popular and one of the reasons why we wanted to go.

botin IMG_4984

Now we didn’t have reservations, which almost backfired on us.  They open at 8pm and all of the tables are booked – except for 2 tables.  We queued at 7:50pm and were lucky enough to be the first without a reservation and sat behind the door to get in, but it was a decent table.

Less than one minute later, the other table for non-reservations was taken. Someone else came in after that, and were turned away.  Lucky us!

Here is the Host and his list of reservations, with a smile on his face to turn away people without reservations!


A little Sangria to start the night.  A nice taste, the fruits are nice inside.  A nice way to enjoy and start the meal.


The bread was perfect.  Crusty on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.


Squid with squid ink sauce.  Tender and an exquisite taste.


Served with rice, it is awesome.


Roasted Pork.  Wow, tender, succulent, crispy skin.  So nice!

IMG_5001Botin is an experience.  As touristy as it is, it is worth the trip.  But, make reservations!


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