Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar – Queen Anne, Seattle

With seafood so fresh in Seattle, one of the great things to do is to go to an Oyster Bar.  You’ll find fresh seafood prepared in a variety of ways. Such is the case with Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar in Queen Anne, by Seattle Center.

Taylor Shellfish supplies restaurants with fresh seafood, so they are the source to begin with, so they have great stuff.


It’s a nice quaint spot with a bar and some tables on the sides.  A nice open space to eat and check it out.


It’s an Oyster Bar right?  You order individually the oysters.  Here is a nice selection of them.  From left to right: Olympia, Kushi, Shigoku, Kumamoto.


They have tanks of fresh oysters and of course, they have Geoduck!


In the Pacific Northwest they harvest Geoduck from the Puget Sound, so it’s fresh as anything.  You need to try it, so here we have the bivalve on the left and the body on the right.


Aside from the raw bar, there is cooked stuff.  here we have Manila Clams, Penn Cover Mussels with Potatoes and Leeks in a cream sauce. So fresh and good!

IMG_5059This is a great experience to eat, you need to try it out!


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