Dough Zone – Bellevue, WA

Sometimes you want dumplings.  And when you want dumplings you don’t want to make a mistake.  Thus, we headed to Dough Zone in Bellevue, where people said there were great dumplings and better and less costly than Din Tai Fung.  Actually, I believe that anywhere is cheaper than Din Tai Fung, but they are good.

Anyway, we wanted to try.

Here are the Xiao Long Bao.  Plenty of soup inside, nicely warm and the taste was pretty good!


We decided to try this, the Jianbing Guoxi.  It’s You Tiao wrapped inside a crepe with some egg and then there’s a bean sauce instead.  I regret ordering this, as it was too dry and the taste was not for me.  I should have went for more Xiao Long Bao, or more Sheng Jian Bao like below!


Here is their version of the Sheng Jian Bao.  Not as crispy on the bottom as I would have liked, but still flavorful and not too much dough so the meat does come through.

IMG_5394It’s a small restaurant, so waiting is sometimes tough, but the dumplings are good and I’d like to try some more things on the menu.


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