Henry’s Taiwan Plus – Seattle

There’s something to be said about Taiwanese Bento Boxes.  You get a lot of things and some are good and some are bad.  Henry’s Taiwan Plus in Seattle’s Chinatown has a wide variety of them, all for a price under $10 for lunch.  Not a bad deal!  Let’s check it out.

First up, I always think about the beautiful Fried Pork Chop inside the Bento Box.  Here it is.

Now, each Bento Box at Henry’s has some constants.  In this case the constants are rice (a generous amount), Pickled Cabbage, Fresh Small Bok Choy, Tea Leaf Egg, Taiwanese Sausage, Pickles and Two Fried Prawns and a cup of Hot and Sour Soup.  That’s a lot.

The Pork Chop is fried so nicely, it’s not oily at all.  The taste was awesome and generous too.


Next up we have the Beef Curry Box.  The Curry is nice Chinese style and the cuts of beef are pretty good, not the low end.


Prawn with Egg.  Nicely done also and the prawn were good size, not your standard frozen ones.


Here is the Fried Tofu.  The texture inside is smooth and silky, the coating on the outside is nice and crisp.  Great job.


And they don’t just sell bento boxes.  They have Oyster Mee Sua!  Lena fell in love with the place after seeing that they had this.  It’s not on the menu though, so you have to order it off the menu, but it’s there.


And of course what would Taiwanese food be without Stinky Tofu?  This was awesome also.

IMG_5398Highly recommended, especially for the lunch Bento Box.  The food is pretty good here, don’t miss it.  One of the better places in Seattle’s Chinatown.


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