Stone Korean – Redmond, WA

I had a craving for KFC.  Now I hate KFC, but I love KFC.

Korean Fried Chicken.  I love it.  Kentucky Fried Chicken, hate it.

So I had a craving or the one and only KFC.  So on Valentine’s Day we headed down to Redmond to get it.

Stone Korean Restaurant was recommended, so we gave it a shot.

They have two kinds, regular and then a sauced one.  We couldn’t choose!  Lucky for us, you have the option to mix the two in one plate, so that’s what we did.

IMG_5403Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?  And it was.  The sauced version was so much better, but then again I should have known, as the sauced KFC is usually the best.

Get here and eat KFC!


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