Nue – Seattle

International Street Food was the slogan the Nue had when we went to eat there.  Was it correct?  Is it good?  Is it worth the trip?  The answer to all is “yes, yes it is.”

Nue has an open kitchen concept and also has a communal table concept also. Sit and enjoy!


So what was on the menu?  It looked so interesting and different.  What should we get?


We started with the Barbados Pig Tails.  A Jerk glaze on it, wow, nice and sweet with a hint of spice and the skin and fat nicely rendered.  A pleasure!


Next was some Golden Gai Crispy Noodles.  Noodles crisped up with some pickles and other mixings.  This is a winner too!  It has crunch and it has sweetness and taste.


And finally, I couldn’t resist.  The Trinidad Goat Curry.  Not too spicy, the Coconut and Pineapple cornbread was excellent and the texture was just nice.  Another winner.

IMG_5642I need to go back to try everything else!


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