Zum Golden Stern – Nuremberg, Germany

The oldest Nuremberg Sausage House.  Of course I have to try it!

Zum Golden Stern was established in 1419!  It sits in the middle of the old town of Nuremberg, along a nice small street.


Some of the history on the outside of the wall.


Inside, you step in and right in front, there is the grill.  Run on Beechwood, it’s this small, and they cook all their sausages on this!


Here is the menu.  You order your sausages and a side.


A small green salad.  Interesting on the greens, it’s not exactly lettuce, but shoots.  The dressing was nice and light.  I still wonder how there are not more vegetables in Germany, but that’s just the way it is…


I wanted sausages, but couldn’t resist the Grilled Pork Loin with Herb Butter also.

Wow, you can really taste the beechwood in the smokiness of the sausage and the pork loin was so tender.  It’s not infinitely better than the first ones I ate two days ago, but this one is definitely better!

IMG_6012You need to go on there and experience the history.  And the food is great too!



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