Biwa – Portland, OR

Biwa is one of the hot spots in Portland now.  I love that in Portland, you can find food spots that are in the basements or parts of old buildings.  So it has a distinctive feel to it.

Biwa is just exactly that.  Down a few steps of an old industrial building, it has that dark industrial feel, but the food is supposed to be great.

Let’s see!

They give you some popcorn to start.  Spicy, savory, a real nice touch to start.


We decided to try their Trout done in Unagi style.  Grilled with Unagi sauce, it is quite tasty!


Love the Miso Salt Buttered Corn.  Tasty!


A portion of their Ramen.  Also so nice!

IMG_6328The food lives up to the hype, a real nice place to be!



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