The Crab Pot – Seattle

I had a colleague in town from Shanghai, and he wanted to eat seafood.  Crab in particular.  It was Halloween, so we showed him downtown Seattle and then decided upon The Crab Pot.  After all, where else could you get crab on a Saturday night on short notice?

We started with some Oysters and then some steamers.

IMG_6478 IMG_6480

But then we moved onto the main attraction.  We only wanted to get Crab, so we decided to forgo their Seafeasts, and went straight for one whole Dungeness Crab and a pound and a half of King Crab Legs.  Oh yeah!

IMG_6482It has its critics, but the Crab Pot does the job.  You get crab, we ate for less than $100 (without drinks) for 3 persons.  We would come back for this for sure!


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