Roxy’s Diner – Seattle

Fremont is eclectic and no place shows this off as much as Roxy’s Diner.  It’s a Jewish New York deli in Seattle.  Is it really?  The menu sure says so, but not sure.

We dropped in for a quick late breakfast.  I was more in the mood for breakfast than Jewish deli breakfast, but we decided to try.

I wanted a hearty American breakfast, so I went with it.  I wanted my New York Diner experience.  Did I get it?  Eh.  It was good, but run of the mill.


Now for the Jewish side of it!  Latkas!  We asked for a little more crispy, but in retrospect, regular would have been better.  Interesting to say the least.


I’ll have to try it again to see about the Jewish deli aspect and try the Bagels and Blintzes, but for now, ok on the breakfast side, not sure on the Jewish deli side.



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