Tenichi – Yokohama, Japan

A quick trip to Japan and Yokohoma brings us to try some good food.  Tenichi is famous in Tokyo and they have branched out to Yokohoma among other places.

Tempura is the name of the game here.  You can sit at the Tempura Bar or you can sit at a table and order sets.  We decided on sets, because we didn’t know about the bar, and also because we didn’t want to smell like the fry oil.

The first set we ordered was a Ten-Don set.  Simple set, and the fried items were fresh and nicely done.


The next is the Tempura Assorted Set.  They have a few of these, it all depends on how many Prawns, Fish, etc. you want.


A closeup of the tempura.  Nicely fried as you can see.

IMG_6857It was good, but not a wow! for me.  I expected a little more, but, it was still fresh and good.


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