2am dessert bar – Holland Village

I’ve wanted to try this place ever since I saw Janice Wong on Masterchef Australia in an elimination challenge.  I have heard so much about it, that I decided to take Lena there for Valentine’s Day dinner.  Yes, dessert for dinner!

The place is small and cozy, a lot smaller than I expected actually.


We decided to go for one of the tasting menus.  In this case we started with Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart with Jasmine Rice Sherbert.  The tart was nice, and the sherbert refreshing.


You can see the glossiness of the tart.  Just very nice.

IMG_7438The next course was a Yuzu Refresher (with a Pop Rock Chocolate Crumble at the bottom!).  The sherbert was nice, but combined with the chocolate crumble at the bottom, it was really something else!
IMG_7441We finished up with the Cacao Forest, which is a new dessert introduced in the last 2 weeks!  It consists of Earl Grey Bergamot Chocolate Mousse with Forest Berries and Cherry, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Vanilla Whisky Ice Cream, Creme de Cacao and Cotton Candy.

Here it is to begin with.

They pour the Creme de Cacao on top, and then the cotton candy starts to melt!


It left enough to enjoy the candy, but it also made a nice sugary Creme de Cacao syrup for the rest of the dessert.


Absolutely tasty.

Now if you think I was going to leave without trying the Cassis Plum, which was the dessert the elimination challenge on Masterchef Australia was focused on, you would be dead wrong.

If you watched Masterchef Australia, you would see how Reynold and Matthew did a good job, but Rose was eliminated.

Cassis Bombe, Elderflower Yogurt Foam, Choya Granita, Yuzu Pearls, Yuzu Rubies make up this dish.


A close up look at the Bombe.


Split it open and look at the yumminess inside!


Signature dessert, oh yes it is!  So awesome!

You need to go!  The price tag is not bad, but make a reservation, as it is quite a small space.  Bring your dates!


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