The Curragower Bar – Limerick, Ireland

After my meeting with some colleagues and partners, I let my Limerick partners choose where to have dinner.  Close to our hotel was The Curragower Bar, ranked very highly on Tripadvisor, and also a favorite of our partners.  It was unique and had some great stuff they said.  A great place for local Seafood and it has won many accolades.

Did it live up to they hype?


Let’s start out with my salad.  Cashel Blue Cheese, Pear and Walnut.  Now, this thing was huge! And it was a starter!

Fresh, crispy, delicious.


The selection was so tempting, and I really didn’t know what to go for.  I wanted the Hake, but could not resist the local Dingle Bay Crab Claws.

Served with more salad! And Irish Soda Bread.


A closer look at these lovely Crab Claws.

IMG_7555So flavorful and sweet.  The meat was nice a crisp, and turned out just right.

I would definitely recommend this place, it lives up to the hype!


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