Boxty House – Dublin

We only had one short evening in Dublin to try to find something good to eat. Of course we had to see Temple Bar and what it offered.  We decided on Boxty House, right on Temple Bar.

Why? It was relatively empty at 6pm, which was strange, but we wanted Irish food, and this looked like it fit the bill.


Boxty is an Irish Potato Pancake, so you can take the Boxty mix and make what you want from it.

Started off with their homemade Iced Tea.  Not bad, and it wasn’t all sugared up, it was pure and tasted great.


Now on to the Boxty.  We decided to try a Boxty Sampler plate.  Here you have Boxty made into Fries, Bread with a Goat Cheese Spread, and little Dumplings.

Not sure if I can tell the difference between all of it, and what makes it so different, but it all tasted pretty darn good!


And when you need a taste of Ireland, you get Stews.  The top one is a Dublin Coddle (Bacon, Pork Sausage and Potato), the left is a Traditional Irish Stew with Lamb, and the bottom is a Guinness Beef Stew.  Accompanied by Boxty Irish Soda Breads.

I have to say that all were great, the Coddle was a little salty but a nice taste.  The Irish Stew was nicely done, and the Guinness Stew had a good thick flavor to it.IMG_7564A nice experience right in the middle of all the action at Temple Bar!


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