Nakhon Kitchen – Holland Village

Back on Singapore soil and looking for some good Asian food.  How about Nakhon Kitchen at Holland Village?

We pass by here and see the long queues, so we wonder is the food that good?  Is it that cheap?

Join the queue, check it out!


It’s nicer to sit outside here as it is a little stuffy inside.  And you get to check out all that Holland Village has to offer and you also get to keep wondering just how long the queue is going to get!  Honestly, get here before 6:30pm or you will be queuing for quite a while.  Even we queued at 6:00pm and still waited a good 15-20 minutes.

On to the food.  With only two of us, we decided to take it a little easy.  Sotong stir fried with Yellow Curry.  We weren’t sure what it was, but it sounded good.  So we got it.

Was a little surprised that it was so soupy, and not as dry as I thought, having been advertised as stir-fried.  But I tell you what, the flavors were awesome!  It really reminded me of the Curry Crab at Somboon in Bangkok.  Thumbs up for this one!


If you follow me, you know I can’t go to a new place and not try the Green Curry Chicken.  Deep and rich colored, thick and not too spicy, but still spicy.  Tender chicken, fragrant coconut, crisp vegetables.  Oh yes, what an awesome Green Curry Chicken.  This went slurp slurp right onto my rice and down the hatch.

I tell no lies – it was super super delicious!

IMG_7597The price was great, less than $25 for the two of us with regular drinks.  I can’t wait to queue again and try other items!


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