Kaiware – Triple One Somerset

We set out for a Friday dinner and we weren’t sure where to go.  We were in the Orchard area and we wanted Japanese, and were looking for some Shishamo and perhaps some sushi.  We found Kaiware in Triple One Somerset.

It’s tucked away upstairs, and it’s not that evident that it’s there.  A quick look at the menu, and we were sold as it had a Otoro promotion and Shishamo.

Here is the Otoro.  Fresh and nicely cut, not too thin and pretty thick.  A good value!


The Shishamo.  Grilled, not fried like a lot of places.  Good flavor and nicely done as well.


We also went for some Ika, and it was grilled nicely with a good layer of teriyaki for taste.


And we split the Gindara set menu.


The Cod was nice and tender, flavored nicely as well.

IMG_7623It’s hidden away and it’s a pretty good place.  Pretty value for money in the Orchard area.


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