Craftsteak – Las Vegas

The celebrity chef indulgence continues!  Time for Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak at the MGM Grand.  I love Top Chef, but I was never really sure what Tom Colicchio was famous for.  His steakhouses are supposedly great, so I had to try.

Reservations highly recommended, though if you’re one you can sit at the bar, but experiencing solo dining is sometimes quite fun when you sit at the table and get the service.  Just bring things to do!

The front is a little small, but the inside it pretty big.

IMG_7720  Deep inside of Craftsteak.IMG_7722

I am important.  I made my reservation!


Let’s check out the menu.  The prices are up there!  I have come for the experience, and I knew it was going to cost a bit of money.  So why settle for regular steak.  Let’s go Waygu! OK, maybe we reign in the budget a bit, but we need to go for Waygu!


The meal started off with some nice complimentary bread rolls, fresh made on a cast iron pan.  Flavorful and awesome.


I heard a lot about the Lobster Bisque, so I had to give it a shot.  The bisque is made and then what they do is put Lobster Meat in the cup or bowl.  Then pour the bisque in tableside.  You know you’re getting a good amount of lobster this way.

The lobster was tender, the bisque just had an amazing depth of flavor.  You could taste the sea on the broth, the sherry was not too overpowering, and the richness was just nice.


I like veggie sides with my steak.  So I decided to try a bunch, and at Craftsteak, they are served family style.  So the portion is huge.  But, they also realize that there are a lot of solo diners, so I asked if they made half portions.  and they do!

So I went for half portions of the Brussels Sprouts with Bacon.  So awesome.  Not too sweet, not too salty from the bacon.  Sauteed just right.


And I love Cauliflower.  This is Heirloom Cauliflower.  Crispy, not overdone, as a lot of places tend to do with cauliflower.  The right amount of seasonings too.  Man, this was awesome as well.


Finally my steak.  I ordered a Rib Eye, but they came with a Strip.  I won’t complain, same price, I like both.  I preferred a little more fat, which is why I ordered the Rib Eye, but this is just as good.  They serve it to you in a pan.


In the pan, not sure why.  I just transferred to the plate and put the veggies on and cut in.  A beautiful Medium Rare.  Perfectly done.  Tender Domestic Waygu, melting and an awesome cut and chew.

IMG_7732You’re going to pay if you come here, there’s no doubt.  But you know what?  It is really, really, really good!  Next time in Vegas, I need to try Heritage Steak at the Mirage.



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