Shui Gastrolounge – Clarke Quay

Walking around the Singapore River area looking for a place that had food and live music.  We initially wanted to head to one place, but didn’t like the seating, so we left.  And then we stumbled upon Shui Gastrolounge, quite by accident.  We walked by and all of a sudden, there it was.  So we decided to check it out.

Stage was set up and an acoustic duo in Leonard and Desmond were set up and ready to start their sets for the evening.


We sat and ordered some bites to eat.  First up was a Seafood Laksa Linguini.  What a nice taste to this, smooth and well balanced.


Chicken Drumlets served with a Sambal Chili.  Well fried, not too oily and quite tasty.


Fried Salmon Skin.  A little issues, as some bunched up and when they did, the skin did not fry properly, this making it soft and truly chewy.  And in some cases, some were just soaked up with too much oil.  Looks nice, but I think it’s a miss.

IMG_7830Love the ambience and the place.  Good little place to enjoy music and a bite along Clarke Quay that is affordable.


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