Ambush – Singapore

Another set of chain restaurants, Ambush is casual European dining.  Because of convenience and Groupons, I had a chance to visit three different Ambush outlets – JEM, Plaza Singapura and Junction 8.

All were about the same, though the best service was at Plaza Sing, worst at Junction 8.


I eat salad and I like salad.  The Fall Harvest Salad on the menu looks interesting.  Walnuts, Cranberries, Apples with a Honey Balsamic.  The dressing is a little sweet, but the salad is refreshing, that’s for sure.


One of their specialties is the Schweinsaxe, or Pork Knuckle.  They actually take it off the bone and slice it for you.  It is tender, juicy, and the skin is crispy.  This is a winner.  This is a half portion, which is more than enough for 1-2 people.


They also have sausages.  It comes with a side of rice, pasta or potatoes.


How about their Lobster Linguini?  It has some capers and black olives in it.  This is the one from JEM.  Heard the meat was a little tough.


This is the one from Plaza Singapura.  A lot juicier from what I was told.  Which one looks better to you?


How about the trend of Squid Ink?  I personally don’t care for squid ink, it does nothing for me except add garlic and make a good teeth brushing mandatory.

This is Spaghetti with Scallops and Roe.  A little garlicky, but not bad per the eater.


Here is Squid Ink in the Risotto form with Soft Shell Crab.  The crab was awesome, the risotto was way too garlicky.  What is it with garlic and squid ink?


Salmon Fusilli.  This is with a Thai Basil Sauce.  It’s a little spicy, but the fish is cooked nicely and the pasta is good.


Mushroom Pasta.  This is quite nice if you like mushrooms.  It has a little too much garlic also, but it is pretty good.


Signature Fish and Chips.  A great deal for $15.  The fish is big, fried nicely and moist and juicy.  The chips are good as well.


Groupons allow you to eat expensive things like Steak!  Here is the Ribeye.  Tender, moist, done right at Medium Rare.


Dessert is not bad.  Apple Tart here, pretty good taste.


Creme Brulee.  Also pretty good.

IMG_7837It’s a pretty decent place to eat.  Take advantage of the Groupons they have to eat at JEM, or preferably, at Plaza Sing.  The price is good when you have the Groupon.


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