Eighteen Chefs – Singapore

I like success stories, people who have turned themselves around.  I had seen Eighteen Chefs on my return to Singapore and wondered what it was, as this chain wasn’t so popular when I left Singapore 2 years ago.

Come to find out it’s a chain of restaurants that offer good food at affordable prices and was started by a gentleman who was an ex-convict and drug addict.  Benny Se Teo turned things around and started turning his business around in 2010.  Now he has a lot of branches and it was time for me to try.


One of the things they specialize in is making your thing to order.

You choose rice or pasta, and the ingredients and sauce and they make it for you.

Here we have Pasta with a Mango Cream Sauce and Seafood.


Here is the regular Seafood Pasta.


Grilled Salmon.


Another specialty is their Heart Attack Fried Rice series.

It’s Fried Rice with fat drippings.  It’s ok, a little dry though, not as Heart-Attacky as I thought it would be.

You can combine it with Steak and/or Chicken or a combination of a bunch of things.

IMG_7872The food is decent, it tastes pretty good and the price is not bad.  It’s definitely an affordable option for all.


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