Made’s Warung – Seminyak, Bali

A recommendation to head here for dinner, and when we walked in it was quite interesting.  An open space, in the open, with a stage, and lots of tables.  Time to have dinner at Made’s Warung, in the heart of Seminyak.





We started with some Keropok.  Fresh and crisp.


Sweet and Sour Fish.  An interesting combination.  Fish fresh, fried fresh and a good taste.


Pork Ribs.  Real nice, juicy and tender.


Beef Rendang.  A little dry though.


Tuna Satay.  Interesting mix, never had it before, but it’s quite interesting.  A little like Otah on a Satay stick.


Nasi Goreng, with some Chicken Satay.  Not a bad taste.

IMG_8084Food was good, nice atmosphere. Definitely a good place to head to in order to eat in Seminyak.


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