Ibu Oka – Ubud, Bali

One of the specialties in Bali is Suckling Pig.  A little surprising to me because Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, so I figured Pork was not big here.  But apparently in Bali, it is huge and this is one of the best foods to have when in Bali.

A recommendation as to which stall is the best amongst the tons of Babi Guling stores is tough to come by.  Ibu Oka, across from Ubud Palace, is highly recommended by locals and guides.  Thus, we gave it a try.



They do have a second outlet very close by, which is a nicer restaurant style.  It’s just a bit away.


The specialty is Suckling Pig, or Babi Guling.  You get the set with rice, some vegetables and the pork and crispy crackling with a sauce.

The meat is so tender, the crackling so crispy.  What a great taste!


If you so desire, you can get just the meat and the crackling.

IMG_8066A must try in Bali!


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