Zetor – Helsinki

Dinnertime in Helsinki! We decided to be a little touristy and head to Zetor, right around the central train station.  We heard it was quite a sight to see inside and the food was pretty good and that all tourists should go there.  So off we went!


The menu is a little booklet, with 24 different languages.  English for us, with a little chinese…


The place is interesting, there are tractors inside and you can sit around them.  Lots of neat old stuff to explore.


Perinteinen pyttipannu – traditional Finnish Potato Hash. With Bacon and Sausage. It was quite interesting, but it seems like I can get this in a diner in New York…


Poronkäristys – Sauteed Reindeer on Mash with Ligonberries and Gherkins. Not bad, a little gamey.  I wasn’t quite expecting it shaved like this, but expecting an actual piece of meat.  It tasted pretty good.  Not sure that i would go with it again though.


My colleague went with Karjalanpaisti – Karelian Stew. Beef, Pork and Lamb and Ligonberries. You take the boiled potatoes, smash them in a bowl and put the stew on top. Looked interesting.


Mustikkakukko – Bilberry Bake on the bottom with Vanilla Ice Cream. Not bad to end it off, though a bit flour-y.

IMG_8134I will say one thing about this place, the service staff is awesome.  Friendly, helpful and definitely pointing you in the right direction.

Definitely worth a shot if you’re in town.


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