Savotta – Helsinki

Looking for good food in Helsinki is quite easy, but picking the right place to dine when the selection is vast, that’s the tricky part.  Savotta, our choice for the evening, wound up being the absolute perfect choice.

Located right across from the Senate Square in Helsinki, it doesn’t look like too much on the outside, but when you step in, the atmosphere and feeling is great.



A very rustic, homely feel inside.  It is quite a comfortable place to dine.



Here is the menu.


What made this place great was the service staff.  The ladies who took care of us were pleasant, helpful, delightful and just perfect for anyone who wants to show you what your service staff is all about.  Kudos to them!

We started out withe an Amuse Bouche of Smoke Char Paste on Rye Crisps.  Definitely an interesting taste.


The starter for me was a Traditional Salmon Soup.  Made with Salmon, Potatoes and a lot of dill, the taste is deep and intense.  Not too fishy, but just nice to start the meal.


My colleague went with Vendace, a smelt-like fish, that was fried up in butter.  It wasn’t too oily, being made just right.


I had to eat like the locals!  Reindeer Rump, grilled to perfection!


Dessert was printed on a log!


Sisu Ice Cream.  A licorice like taste with fresh berries.  Nice and refreshing.

IMG_8156Food was excellent.  Service and the staff were outstanding and amazing.

The next time I am in Helsinki, I am coming back!


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