Padelle D’Italia – Nuremberg

I admit it, when I go to Germany, I get real sick of German food.  It’s too heavy a lot of times for me and sometimes it all seems the same.  For the break, I need the great Italian food that’s in Germany.  In Nuremberg, Padelle D’Italia is rated highly, so we walked in for a nice dinner.


Just off one of the main entrances to the old town, off the Central Train Station exit, it’s a cool little place tucked away.


We were quite hungry, and ordered a pizza and pasta for each of us.  To which the waiter responded, “That’s quite a lot of food!”.  To which we responded, “We know, we want to eat!”

Pizza.  I had been craving it and I went with Sweet Italian Sausage (which you can’t find in Singapore) and Peppers.

Crust was great, cheese awesome.  I approve!


For pasta, I went with the Prawns in a nice tomato sauce.  This was also done beautifully!

IMG_8188Highly recommended by others, and I will join that list.  Give this place a shot!  Good food, great service.


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