el camión – Ballard, Seattle

I head back to Seattle and I need my taco fix, there’s no doubt about it. el camión does it for me.  I was driving by their restaurant, as they have trucks also, and decided to stop for a fix.


There are just too many different tacos to try and a limited amount of space in the belly.

So here I go!

Fish – Top left, Alaska Cod, crema agria especial – tender and the crema is awesome

Carne Asada – right, the beef was nice and tender, pretty standard though

Shrimp – bottom, I can’t say this excited me because it didn’t.  Pretty plain tasting shrimp


Next Round!

Adobada – Top Left, the pork was nicely seasoned, but just a tad dry for me

Chorizio – Right, a little too loose for me, but the seasoning is there

Lengua – Bottom, the beef tongue was awesome.  Tender and juicy, by far the best on this plate

IMG_8681So much more to try and explore here.  I am definitely coming back for my fix the next trip.


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