Shake Shack – Garden City, LI, NY

I have never tried Shake Shack.  Everyone says it’s excellent.  It was there where I was, so my nephew told me to try.  So I did.


I actually wasn’t that hungry and I thought the burger would be too big.  But, I relented.  A regular cheeseburger and a Salted Caramel Shake it is!IMG_8636

Now this is a burger.  Moist, juicy, bun soft, produce nice, cheese melted perfectly.  Not too oily or greasy.  The bite is fantastic.

I mean, look at it.  Don’t you want to run out and get one?IMG_8641

TC has the Bacon version.  Looks good too!IMG_8635Get on it Shake Shack!  There’s an empty space or two or three or more waiting for your burgers in Singapore!


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