Carlo’s Bake Shop – Garden City, LI, NY

You know the show “Cake Boss” and Buddy.  His bakery is Carlo’s Bake Shop, and they have outlets all around, including on Long Island in Garden City.

When the sweet tooth hits, you have to go!


Look at what there is!  How to choose?IMG_8628Our tea break was an assortment of items.  A Cannoli (left), a Lobster Tail (Top) and a mini-Tiramisu.

The Cannoli was filled upon order, and the shell was nice and crisp and the filling, just awesome and sweet.IMG_8631

Look at that Lobster Tail.  The shell is crisp, very Napolean/Phyllo Dough-ish.  But the star is the cream inside.  Wow!  Creamy, smooth, sweet but not sticky.  Man, awesome!IMG_8632

The Tiramisu was not exactly like you would picture.  The Lady Fingers are on the outside, the inside is an espresso cream which is just awesome also!IMG_8637

Go to Carlo’s!  IMG_8638


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