Vincent’s Clam Bar – Garden City, LI, NY

My niece’s birthday lunch was at Vincent’s Clam Bar.  We have been coming here for so many years when I grew up as a kid, but don’t really remember it too much except for a few things.  Some of my fondest memories were my dad getting Linguine with White Clam and the Baked Clams.

The facade is different these days.


And the inside a little different and more modern.IMG_8618 IMG_8622But the food is still just as good.

Here is our main appetizer, the Calamari.  Fresh, crisp and hot.  With medium and mild marinara to dip it in.  Yum.


Those Baked Clams that I mentioned earlier?  They still taste just as great as they used to.

Don’t be fooled by those places that sell you Baked Stuffed Clams.  It’s not the same.  Those are a little bit of clams minced into stuff and put back into the shell.  This is a whole clam with breading and stuffing in the shell.  There’s a huge difference in the taste of it.IMG_8621

I’m not normally a seafood on pizza kind of guy.  But you know what?  The White Clam Sauce Pizza was awesome.  Clams were meaty, crust perfect New York style, and while there was a lot of garlic, it’s White Clam!IMG_8623

Meatball and Sausage Pasta.  The meat is good, but pretty standard.IMG_8624

Chicken Parm.  This is the lunch portion.

The amount of chicken was a little thin, but it was done right.IMG_8626Childhood.  You love it, you think about it and if you’re lucky, you get to relive moments of it.  Just like I did today.


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