Best Bagel & Coffee – W. 35th St, NYC

I need a bagel! A quick trip to see the folks in NYC.  Landed at Newark, took the trains to Penn Station, and the need for a bagel hit before I took the E to my folks house.  Best Bagel & Coffee here I come!

The lines here are long.  You have to be patient and get in the right line to begin with.  Get in the line to order, and do that first.  Make up your mind as you’re in line, you will have time to peruse and check it out.


Oh my, my bagels are getting closer.  I miss NYC bagels so much, growing up with them, it is just something that can’t be replicated anywhere, especially not in Seattle nor in Singapore.IMG_8585

I don’t do it as often now, but growing up, Cinnamon Raisin bagels were one of my go-to’s.  So I went to it.  I decided for Walnut Raisin cream cheese inside.  Not too sweet, but the warm bagel with the gooey cream cheese and the raisins.  What a great bagel.IMG_8588

And the number one go-to for me – the Everything bagel with a schmear.  That’s all I need and all that makes me say to myself, “I am back home”.  IMG_8589The bagels are crisp on the outside.  Soft and chewy on the inside.  This is all me.

New York City – I miss the hell out of you and the bagels.


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