Perle Noire – Siglap

We decided to find a nice place for dinner, and thought that Perle Noire in Siglap would be nice.  We had heard things about it and that it was a nice place for a quiet meal.


I have to admit, the inside was brightly lit, not exactly a “romantic” feel to the place.  A little surprising as I get the feeling with the menu and what they want to target, is that it’s a date night kind of place.  Waitstaff is superb though, very good and helpful.IMG_8830

We started with some Amari Clams in Sake Wine.  Fresh clams, great broth.  Outstanding broth!  I regretted that I ate my piece of bread already before this, as dunking the bread in this broth would have been just awesome.IMG_8833

I went with the Pork Rack.  Sealed and juicy, just a great flavor on the rub.  The veggies, while pretty, didn’t do too much for me.  The potatoes were a nice soft touch.IMG_8835

The Seafood Cappelini was a little lacking in salt, but it had a nice flavor to it.  The bit of Pistachio in the top right of the picture didn’t do anything for us.IMG_8836

Dessert started with a Truffle Creme Brule.  Nice!  Crispy sugar on the top, nice custard inside.IMG_8837

And an Affogato to close it out.  A little too much espresso, which I just drank, but quite nice.IMG_8838A good place for a meal.  Sort of lacking the ambience for a real “date night” but the food is good enough to forgive that.


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