Tai Cheong – Takashimaya

I am one of those that agrees with a lot of people.  The Egg Tarts from Tai Cheong in Hong Kong are the best that I have had in Hong Kong.  I go out of my way when I am in Hong Kong to eat them.  So when they opened up a shop at Takashimaya, I had to try.IMG_8824

This is 40 minutes into the queue, waiting outside the food hall.IMG_8825

I finally get to the end of the queue after one hour and 45 minutes!  The staff said that today was actually quiet.  The queue was not that long today!

You have to buy a minimum of one box and you can buy a maximum of four boxes.  Each box has four egg tarts.  And the price is S$7.60 per box.  A little more expensive than Hong Kong where they are HKD$5.00 each (at least it was the last time I bought in HK).IMG_8827

Take a look at these beauties.  Soft buttery crust, smooth egg custard.  Love it.IMG_8826

I am not sure I would queue for that long again though as much as I love it.

Why is the queue so long?  It’s obvious.  They have three ovens, it is baking throughout the day.  Each oven can hold about 60 egg tarts at one time.  People are buying 16 at a time.  You have to wait until they are baked, then cooled then individually put into boxes.  The process needs refinement and expansion in order to get people through the queue quickly.  It is taking way to long right now and I think that puts people off.

But eat this!


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